Partnership Redemptions and Partnership Divisions

If you do not see the broadcast above this text:

    • The broadcast works best on any browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, whose production Microsoft ended four years ago in favor of the Microsoft Edge browser. Internet Explorer’s security measures aren’t as robust as in other browsers, so many times it will not be able to view the broadcast. The broadcast will also work on most portable devices running Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android or ChromeOS. Should you have issues watching the broadcast, we suggest you pull it up on a mobile device until our tech support can get you up and running on your browser.
    • If you see a “play” icon in the bottom left of the video above but don’t see actual video, click the Play button.
    • Is your connection fast enough for the broadcast? Do you have a highspeed internet connection (cable modem, DSL, fiber)?
    • Is your firm blocking access to video sites such as Vimeo or Youtube?
    • If you hear music and see a banner, then the broadcast is about to begin.


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