Our Services

  • Federal R&D tax credit studies
  • State R&D tax credit studies 
  • Audit representation 
  • energy efficiency studies (179D, 45L)
  • cost segregation studies 
  • Electric Vehicle charging station tax credit studies 
  • other Federal and state credits and incentives 

About Us

Tax Point Advisors provides tax credit and incentive study services to CPA firms and their clients throughout the U.S. Our trusted team of CPAs, engineers and tax professionals assist CPAs and their clients in identifying and capturing their maximum federal and state tax credits and incentives. Our audit rate is less than five percent, and our industry-leading audit success is unmatched. We can also conduct a local, thorough onsite pre-engagement evaluation and an onsite review process for every study, then we write a bullet-proof, audit-defensible study report. Learn more at taxpointadvisors.com.

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