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Our Services

  • Taxation
    Dykema lawyers are well-versed in the complexities of federal, state and local tax law, and provide high level representation on the full range of tax issues to business, nonprofit and government entities as well as high-net-worth individuals.
  • Estate Planning and Administration
    We approach estate planning and probate issues with special sensitivity to client concerns, offering complete counsel on everything from wills and trusts to contested probate matters.
  • Property Tax Appeals
    Dykema attorneys regularly achieve successful outcomes for clients by appealing property taxes in all available forums.
  • Real Estate Tax Incentives and Economic Development
    Dykema’s tax attorneys work with the firm’s real estate and corporate attorneys and government policy advisors to help corporate, nonprofit, state and tribal government entities maximize opportunity and minimize overall project costs through federal and state economic development and tax incentive programs.
  • Tax Controversies and Litigation
    A rare combination of litigation skills and experience in complicated tax matters positions our team of attorneys to provide successful representation on such issues as appealing property taxes; handling tax litigation in state and federal courts; income, gift, and estate matters; audits and appeals; and the resolution of disputes through litigation.

About Us

Dykema serves business entities worldwide on a wide range of complex legal issues. Dykema lawyers and other professionals work in close partnership with clients to deliver outstanding results, unparalleled service, and exceptional value in every engagement.