1:00 PM – 1:05 PM
Program Begins with Welcome & Introductions

1:05 PM – 1:55 PM
Inspiring Connection in a Hybrid World
Many of us are learning, living, and leading from home. This can create a sense of disconnection and isolation. Demonstrating empathy for the changes we are all going through and understanding ways to restore energy and team member interaction are critical – especially when working from home. In Mark’s virtual keynote, he will provide ways to reignite human connection leaving you filled with a newfound courage to connect.
Mark Ostach – Digital Wellness Keynote Speaker, Detroit

2:05 PM – 2:55 PM
Fostering Belonging to Drive Change – Building a D&I Strategy with Impact
Understanding the business case for diversity, equity & belonging is critical for developing an effective D&I strategy. An important first step is understanding implicit bias and learning how to navigate uncomfortable conversations. In this session, we will cover these topics and walk through the core elements of a D&I strategy to help firms identify where to start or take existing D&I initiatives to the next level.
Jina Etienne, CPA, CGMA, CDE® – Founder & Principal Consultant, Etienne Consulting LLC, Silver Spring, MD

3:05 PM – 3:55 PM
Lead with Joy and Watch Your Team Fly!
Change is hard. But you won’t create a joyful workplace by leading the way you’ve always led. In this talk, Rich explores his own journey to find joy, focusing on how we had to learn to lead in a completely different way and, by doing so, witnessed results that exceeded his wildest expectations.
Rich Sheridan – CEO and Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations; Speaker, Author of Chief Joy Officer and Joy, Inc., Ann Arbor

4:05 PM – 4:55 PM
Mastering Your Message 
Communication is vital to our everyday environments- whether they be virtual or in-person, with clients, colleagues or family. But have you really become the master of your message? Paula provides techniques that will help you identify your own communication style and recognize negative triggers that impede productive communications with others.
Paula Tutman – Multi-Emmy Winning Journalist and Communications Facilitator, Detroit

4:55 PM
Program Adjourns